Pinole Mayor Devin T Murphy at swearing-in ceremony

Electoral Team

Electing local climate leaders, making climate and equity the key issues

Contra Costa County and its 19 cities have a vital role in addressing the climate emergency. The Electoral Team works to make sure that our local elected officials are effective climate leadersleaders who are not afraid to take bold steps toward a clean, healthy, livable future.

At present, many sitting on city councils don’t clearly understand climate issues, don’t see how local policies could address the crisis, and don’t hear from their constituents that they care about the climate crisis.

What’s worse, as our main industry, oil and gas companies have a lot of influence over the discourse around climate. They oppose meaningful action to reduce fossilfuel emissions by calling it antibusiness. So some elected officials shy away from climate issues.

That’s why we on the Electoral Team are focused on electing stronger climate leadersand making climate action a priority for all our local leaders.

All of us want a healthy, prosperous, sustainable future for our communities. To get there, our government must have new priorities and new policies. And that means new leadership.

Take One Action Right Now

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To Get Those New Leaders in Place, We . . .

Two women and a man in park with "Vanessa for El Cerrito" signs

Our task is huge, and we need your help. All hands on deck! Electoral work is so important— please, get in touch to learn more and become part of the climate solution.

Contra Costa County's Current Lawmakers and Districts

Did you know that the districts for our county supervisors are different than the districts for our State Assembly members, which are separate from our state senate districts? And did you know that all those districts are configured differently than your US Congressional district? If you’ve moved recently, or aren’t sure how the lines have changed after the recent census redistricting, we’ve got you covered. Find your county supervisor’s name, web page, and district, as well as your State Assembly, Senate, or federal lawmakers and legislative districts here.

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