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The 350 Family, the international non-profit that sparked 350 Contra Costa Action, had its origins in a 2008 environmental campaign organized by Bill McKibben, the author of The End of Nature, a book that alerted the general public to the risk of a warming planet.

Today, is global in scope, with worldwide affiliated groups and campaigns aimed at speeding our transition to renewable energy, banning all new fossil fuel projects, and ending the financing of dirty energy

What Does 350 Mean

Graph showing historical CO2 emission, including straight line skyrocketing 1950-to present
Why 350?

The name ‘350’ refers to what is considered to be the safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: 350 parts per million (ppm). The 2020 level of carbon dioxide is estimated at 412.5ppm, a historical high.

350 in the Bay Area

350 Bay Area, the first local group to come under the global organization’s umbrella, began campaigning for a fossil fuel free future in 2012. Groups that were affiliated with 350 Bay Area but focused more locally soon sprang up, including 350 East Bay in 2014 and more recently 350 Bay Area Action.

In 2019, Jackie Garcia Mann, Lisa Jackson, and Marti Roach, Contra Costa County residents who had been working with 350 Bay Area and 350 East Bay, saw a need for a group with a deeper focus on our county’s issues, and 350 Contra Costa was born. In 2022, we formed 350 Contra Costa Action to work for change through legislation and electing responsive local public officials. At that point 350 Contra Costa became our educational and outreach sister organization. While our group is affiliated with 350 Bay Area Action and shares its mission, we choose and develop our campaigns independently.

As a county with four oil refineries, a number of oil wells, and a diverse population of 1.2 million people, including disadvantaged Black and brown communities, Contra Costa presents unique opportunities to work toward an end to fossil fuel dependence while fostering environmental justice.

Support Our Work

Donations to 350 Contra Costa Action, classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(4) non profit, do not qualify as tax deductions.

If you would prefer to donate to our sister organization, 350 Contra Costa, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, these donations are tax-deductible, because we engage in non-political educational activities.

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