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Take Climate Action

Join our grassroots climate movement in Contra Costa County to motivate action for

Our Mission

350 Contra Costa Action advocates for socially equitable solutions to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and restore natural systems for a healthier, sustainable future for our communities.


Current Climate Crisis

Excessive heat, persevering drought, wildfires, air polluted with smoke and toxic fumesthe impacts of climate change in Contra Costa County worsen with each season. By 2030, a sealevel rise of six to eight inches will flood our bayside communities during storms and high tides. Meteorologists now predict inland flooding in California from “atmospheric river” storms.

There's Still Time to Act

In this climate crisis, we must act decisively to stop the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into our atmosphere. There is still time to avoid the worst. By working together locally, we can create change in Contra Costa County.

Rangeland on fire in the Sierra Nevada mountains
Wildfire Photo by Ross Stone on Unsplash

The 350 Goal Explained:

Graph showing CO2 in the atmosphere: Currently we are at 419 ppm; we need to reduce it to below 350 ppm
Man installing a solar panel on a shingled roof
Photo by Bill Mead at Unsplash

We're Working To

Our Impact in 2023


Reached 500-1,000 residents per month through our newsletters, social media posts, blogs, webinars, film showings, letters to the editor, and talks to local groups.


Engaged over 1,000 event attendees last year on Contra Costa climate-change issues and actions.


Submitted over 500 petition signatures as well as numerous letters to city, county and state policymakers advocating for improved climate-related planning documents, climate emergency declarations, oil drilling bans, and requirements for electrification of new buildings.