Local Policy Team volunteers demonstrating to end biofuels and local drilling at Contra Costa County headquarters

Local Policy Team

Advocating for strong, equitable climate policies in Contra Costa

Our county and cities must take bold action to reduce GHG emissions and enable a safer, more equitable future—including climate, housing, transportation and land-use policies.

Estimates suggest that cities are responsible for 75 percent of global emissions. With more than 60 percent of the US population living in cities, there is urgency and opportunity in focusing on local solutions.

Our Local Climate Policy Team educates city and county decision makers about best practices. We advocate for new policies and organize the local community to support the changes

Take One Action Right Now

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Take One Action Now

Pinole Business Owners and Residents/Visitors

For a Healthier and Cleaner Pinole

Take a survey (5-8 minutes) to help the City of Pinole learn how residents, visitors, and businesses can work together to transition from single-use plastic bags and food-ware. There are two surveys—one for business owners and one for residents/visitors.

Pinole Residents/Visitors Survey

Take the Pinole Plastics Reduction Survey

Pinole Business Owners Survey

Take the Pinole Plastics Reduction Survey

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels

Our Projects Include Advocacy On . . .

Local Policy Team voluneers meet with Supervisor Ken Carlson

Our Projects Include Advocacy On . . .

Local Policy Team voluneers meet with Supervisor Ken Carlson

What We're Doing Now

What does it take to get a strong policy or ordinance in place in your jurisdiction?
There are several elements, but the key is YOU and your voice.

We Need Your Help To . . .

Volunteers attend Pinole City Council Meeting

You Don't Need to Be a Policy Expert

You don’t need to be a policy expertyou just need enthusiasm for making positive change happen. Advocating at the local level is not like lobbying in Washington, DC. Policy makers live and work in your community, and they’re open to engaging with constituents like you.

To find out more, please get in touch!

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