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Want climate action? Elect local climate champions!

Group of women and men gathering at picnic tables to eat and write Get Out The Vote postcards
We gathered for a sunny potluck and post-carding in June!

The climate emergency is on a global scale, but solutions can and must happen at every level of government—including city councils and county boards.

Local governments can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in lots of ways, and every locality needs to do its part in moving the planet toward a zero-emission future.

Here in Contra Costa, we’ve seen meaningful climate action in cities around the county. For example, Antioch and Brentwood banned oil and gas drilling; Pinole banned construction of new gas stations; and Richmond put a refinery tax on the ballot.

These actions would never have happened without climate-forward candidates getting voted onto city councils. And much more climate action is needed in these and other cities.

That's Where You Come In!

With elections coming up in November, your help is needed to identify which local candidates are serious about climate solutions and deserve to be endorsed by 350 Bay Area Action.

Then, of course, it’ll be time to get out the vote and put those climate champions in public office! As the election season moves into high gear, candidates will need our help. There’ll be phone-banking and postcard-writing events so we can do good and have fun at the same time.

Won’t you please join us? Shoot an email to for more information.


Author: Editorial Team

Image Credit: Gary Farber

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