Legislative Team members meeting with Assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

Legislative Team

Keeping California a leader in climate legislation

The Legislative Team focuses on the Sacramento lawmakers who represent Contra Costa residents. We cultivate strong relationships with these state senators and assembly members so we can influence their votes on important legislation. And we get the word out to our fellow constituents when letters and phone calls are needed to convince lawmakers to vote the right way.

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Take One Action Right Now

Action Alert: It’s time to call Sacramento! We are following several key climate bills through key committee and floor votes, both in the Assembly and in the Senate. Follow this link for status updates and to contact your senators/assembly members to urge their continued support. Let's get these bills to the floor and to the governor's desk!

Watch This Space

Bookmark this page and check back frequently throughout the legislative session. In this space we will post action alerts requiring your immediate attention. We’ll let you know about climate bills nearing a vote and provide you with the info and a sample script you can use to call or write our Contra Costa senators and assemblymembers.

Our Lawmakers

Lori Wilson, District 11
Buffy Wicks, District 14
Timothy Grayson, District 15
Rebecca BauerKahan, District 16

Bill Dodd, District 3
Steve Glazer, District 7
Nancy Skinner, District 9

Click on the links to see district maps.

See all our local, state, and federal lawmakers, with links to their web pages, here. And if you’re unsure who represents you, we’ve added find-my-district links on that page as well.

What We're Doing Now

We Demonstrated!

On Monday, June 26, 2023, our legislative team demonstrated outside State Senator Steve Glazer‘s office in support of AB579–electrifying school buses, and AB421–stopping powerful industries like oil, gas, and tobacco from overturning good laws. Never say activists can’t have fun!

Earth Day 54 in 2024

Join us and a broad coalition to make lasting change

California is often mentioned as a leader in climate legislation, but the fossil fuel industry is powerful in our state, and it can buy a lot of influence. To fight back, the Legislative Team is working with a broad coalition of climate and environmental justice groups for equitable, bold climate solutions. Each legislative session, we work closely with our parent organization, 350 Bay Area Action, to identify key bills, research them, and track their progress through the legislature.

And we could use your help! You don’t need any experiencejust a willingness to learn about bill tracking and lobbying. Please get in touch to find out more.

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