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The Inflation Reduction Act: Opportunities for Contra Costa County

Speaker addresses the Contra Costa Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) conference audience with slide depicting a wall and building covered in a colorful mural illustrating "The Greenlining Institute" and "Opportunities to advance equity through the IRA"

On May 18th, 350 Contra Costa partnered with Diablo Valley College and Greenbelt Alliance to present a conference for elected officials, government staff, community-based organizations, and labor, education and workforce development groups. The topic was IRA—the federal Inflation Reduction Act. This landmark legislation includes $369 billion for energy security and climate programs over a ten-year period.

More than 125 attendees learned about the many resource opportunities that IRA offers and brainstormed ways to collaborate with local governments and community organizations for maximum benefit. The conference focused on three main areas of IRA.

Now, you can view videos and slide decks from the Inflation Reduction Act conference, as well as workshop handouts and notes, on our website. It was a full day! Check it out here. Plus, we’re constantly updating our IRA resources companion page so you can Keep Plugged In.

Volunteer staff photo
This article first appeared in our June 2023 Newsletter

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