350 Contra Costa Action Teams

Local Policy Team volunteers demonstrating to end biofuels and local drilling at Contra Costa County headquarters

Local Policy Team Meeting

The Local Policy Team meets via Zoom on the third Tuesday of the month. We discuss our position on policies for which we advocate at the city and county level and also plan campaigns. Keeping environmental justice in mind we

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350 Contra Costa Action Volunteers in the park

Leadership Team Meeting

Each Wednesday, our active members from the various action teams, meet to review and update everyone on the work in progress. We also plan events and vote on key matters and strategies to further our mission. This is a good

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Legislative Team members meeting with Assembly member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

Legislative Team Meeting

The Legislative Team meets on the third Tuesday of the month to discuss the progress of California state bills that significantly impact Contra Costa County’s transition to a fossil-free, environmentally just future. We recommend actions for 350 Contra Costa Action

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Three women standing in 350 Contra Costa Action booth, ready to answer questions

Communications Team Meeting

The Communications Team meets via Zoom every other Monday. At our bi-weekly meetings the Communications Team identifies and plans ways to engage with county residents about climate solutions. We encourage community members to become active volunteers through actions like monthly newsletter

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