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June 2024 Newsletter

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TWO action items: Please call Sacramento today!

In both the Assembly and the Senate, your help is needed to turn key climate bills into laws.

In the Assembly, SB 674 will very likely be voted on this week—possibly early tomorrow—and SB 1006 is expected to pass out of Appropriations onto the floor soon. (Both bills have already passed the Senate.)

SB 674 – Refinery air pollution (pdf)

SB 674 protects the health of millions of Californians who live near refineries and have to breathe air that’s polluted by their toxic emissions.

SB 674 sets minimum standards for all California refineries to provide the same level of transparency on the types and amounts of their emissions. 

It also requires them to set threshold levels that align with federal and state limits. When thresholds are exceeded, refineries must notify nearby communities about this threat to their health and safety. And refineries must make data on their toxic emissions easily available to the public.


SB 1006 – Upgrading the grid (pdf)

A new grid-enhancing technology, advanced reconductoring, has the potential to greatly increase the transmission capacity of the electric grid—just in time for a rapid transition to our all-electric future. The technology involves re-stringing existing high-voltage towers with new cables made from advanced materials.

SB 1006 requires transmission utilities to jointly prepare a strategic plan for implementing this technology.

First, call your assemblymember

Please don’t delay! If you’re not sure which district you’re in, find out here.

Here’s a suggested message for your assemblymember:

“My name is _________, and I live in __________. As a constituent, I’m urging the assemblymember to vote YES on two common-sense bills:

  • SB 674 to protect communities from refineries’ air pollution, and
  • SB 1006 to increase the capacity of the electrical grid."

Phone numbers

Lori Wilson  District 11 916-319-2011
Buffy Wicks    District 14  916-319-2014
Tim Grayson  District 15 916-319-2015
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan   District 16 916-319-2016


Then, please call about AB 3233 (pdf)

In the Senate, AB 3233 is now in the Local Government Committee. It must get enough votes there to be passed onto the floor for a vote.

Why does it matter? It’s well known that oil and gas production threatens public health and safety—but Big Oil’s misinterpretation of a 2023 CA Supreme Court decision has created confusion and cast doubt on local governments’ authority to ban new oil and gas wells. AB 3233 updates the state’s oil and gas codes to clarify that local governments may act to regulate, limit, or prohibit oil and gas operations within their jurisdictions.  

This is crucial! We need all four of the Bay Area senators listed below to vote YES—so please give them a call!

Phone numbers

Steve Glazer  District 7 916-651-4007
Nancy Skinner  District 9 916-651-4009
Aisha Wahab  District 10 916-651-4010
Scott Wiener District 11 916-651-4011


You don’t need to be a constituent to call these committee members—but if you are a constituent, be sure to mention that. Say something like this:

“My name is _________, and I live in __________. I’m urging the senator, as a member of the Local Government Committee, to vote YES on AB 3233. Counties and cities should have the right to protect community health and safety by banning oil and gas production.”


Richmond’s Polluters Pay Initiative passes

Fantastic news! On June 18, the Richmond City Council voted unanimously to put a refinery tax on the November ballot. The tax could bring $60 million to $90 million annually into the city’s general fund, depending on how many barrels of raw material enter Chevron’s Richmond plant.

Communities for a Better Environment and Asian-Pacific Environmental Network Action worked together on the tax proposal, known as the Polluters Pay Initiative.

Read more about the proposal and the City Council meeting here. Yay!


Attention Concord residents!

A small group of Concord residents is gearing up to push their city council to do much more to address the climate crisis.

City governments can do a lot to ensure their community’s health and safety and bring in a livable future, even if they aren’t home to oil wells or refineries. Of course, they can pass building electrification ordinances. They can also reduce emissions from their buildings and vehicles—and show the way for residents to do the same.

The City of Pinole is an excellent example; they’re showing real leadership by encouraging residents to go solar, change to EVs, use less plastic, get rebates for energy-efficient appliances, and so on.

If you live in Concord—or anywhere in Contra Costa—please shoot an email to We’ll help you connect with climate-minded folks in your community. 


See you on the Fourth in El Cerrito

El Cerrito’s annual WorldOne Festival is coming up Thursday, the Fourth of July—and we hope to see you there!

This admission-free, multicultural celebration features wonderful food, kids’ activities, and loads of live music from around the world. If you come, be sure to stop by the 350 Contra Costa booth and say hello!

WorldOne Festival

Thursday, July 4, from 11am to 5pm

950 Pomona Ave, El Cerrito


Thank you —

Emily and Lisa

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The time for climate action is now!

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